Dooney (Adopted!)


Hello, my name is Dooney.  I’m a 5 year old Collie mix who ended up here “cause my former owners had to move out of their home and couldn’t take me with them.  I do miss them, they had me from the time I was a real little guy (they had to bottle feed me)… so it took me a while to adjust to life here. I was used to bein’ the only dog so I was the center of attention.  But, I’m glad I ended up here ’cause I’ve heard that even if it takes a while, the dogs here find forever homes.  While we’re here waiting for our forever homes our humans are great to us by spendin’ time with us every day, takin’ us on Pack Walks (I love goin’ on walks), and all the volunteers spend time with us, too. We have nice big yards to run around in, with small pools for us to cool off in when it’s really hot.  So, even though it’s not a home, these digs aren’t too shabby.  Plus, the other dogs are entertaining to watch… like the puppies and their antics, and sometimes watching the humans is fun, too, like when a dog escapes from them like Shiloh did last week.

Personally, I don’t engage in any of the drama, but it’s fun to watch, and there’s always a lot goin’ on here, like Art Unleashed which is coming up this Friday.  I’ve heard both the humans and dogs talk about this event and what a big deal it is ’cause it raises a lot of money for the shelter.  From what I’ve heard, artists donate art which is displayed at the event and online, and people can then bid on the artwork, and all the proceeds come back to us to help with all the stuff our humans need to run this place.  The humans say it’s a lot of fun, but humans and dogs have very, very different ideas of “fun”.  I enjoy the simpler things in life (like most dogs), like a good meal, long walks, fresh water, and a clean, warm/cool place to sleep.  A lot of our humans are busy gettin’ ready for Art Unleashed, but never too busy to take care of us, like yesterday I got to go on the pack walk and the weather was perfect.

That’s all I’ve got for now (I’m a bit on the quiet side and still takin’ it all in)… I’ll talk ’bout my ideal forever home another time, plus I’m gettin’ ready to eat breakfast (food vs. blogging… hmmm… food wins!).  Bye.

Click here to find our more about Art Unleashed and to purchase tickets >