Janis & Toby, the “Old” Couple (Adopted together!)


tobyHi humans my name is Toby, and my roommate is Janis.  I’m going to do more of the talking ’cause Janis is still a little shy.  We’re both Beagles, seniors, and heartworm positive.  We just had our first heartworm treatment yesterday and aren’t feeling quite 100% yet, but we’re doing okay.  I’m 14 years old… yes, I really am 14!  I was found as a stray at the end of June and brought here.  I’m micro-chipped, and our humans made several attempts to contact my owners, but no one ever called back.  I’m happy to be here for a few reasons, but the most important reason, in my opinion, is to help Janis.  See, Janis was brought here a little before me by a good samaritan who worried about her ’cause she had lived all of her 8 years on a chain… never bein’ inside, never knowin’ what a home is like, and she’d never even been to a doggy doctor.  She was very timid, shy, and a bit scared at first, but then our humans decided to put us together in the main doggy kennel…. and the rest is, as they say, “history”.  (I don’t know who “they” are, but I think they might be wise Beagles that humans have listened to… we’re very, very smart dogs).

Since Janis and I have been roommates, our humans have learned Janis really loves to play with other dogs, like me. Be sure to check out our video to see us in action!  We were in play groups, but now we can’t play with those young pups until we’re finished with our heartworm treatments. Janis also started to take my lead and learned to trust the humans she met, more and more.  She isn’t as nervous for as long in new situations, like when we went to a Satellite Adoption Event at Whole Foods last month.  We both like goin’ on walks, like the Pack Walks (we can still go on walks, but we can’t get our heart rate going too fast ’cause of the heartworm treatment), and we walk real nicely on leashes.  We watch all the younger dogs, some of ’em pull the humans, but not us… we are gentle on leashes, like most older dogs.  Now, don’t let the fact I’m 14 and Janis is 8 make you think we don’t have a LOT of life left in us!  We’re pretty darn energetic, and love goin’ places and doin’ new things.  One new thing we’re both doin’ is obedience class, but I’ll let Janis tell ya ’bout that ’cause she just told me to let her have a turn at the blog.

janisHi… I’m Janis… uuhhmm, I think Toby may have been yankin’ your chain a little when he said I wanted to have a turn at this blog thingy…. I’m still not sure what this is all about, but I’m gonna try.  We’ve got some pretty awesome humans here, I must say.  They’re always tryin’ to think of ways to make our lives better while we’re waitin’ for forever homes of our own. So, they started up obedience classes for us dogs here at the shelter an’ Toby an’ I are in beginners class… so ignore that sayin’ “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, ’cause we’re learning lots of stuff… well, Toby is learnin’ more than I am as far as stuff to do like “sit”, an’ lookin’ humans in the eyes. Toby does this real funny thing when he’s asked to “sit”– he lets out a bay/bark, then sits!  It’s so funny to watch, an’ the humans love it.  I’m just takin’ it all in, but I’m learnin’ to trust new humans, an’ I really like the mom an’ daughter, Katie an’ Michelle, who are workin’ with me an’ Toby. They’ve come to every class an’ really like workin’ with us, which makes me feel special.  I’m still shy ’round most new humans, but I warm up pretty quickly, ‘specially to women.  I’d love to go to a forever home with Toby, but I don’t wanna hold him back from gettin’ adopted.  Our humans think it’d be best for me to go to a home with another dog, an’ I agree with them ’cause I really do love other dogs.

We’re gonna go take a nap in the sun now an’ rest up for obedience classes.  We’ll tell ya ’bout the kinda forever homes we’d like later. Keep us in mind if you’re lookin’ for a mellower dog… we may be “seniors”, but we’ve got lots an’ lots to offer, an’ there are advantages to adopting “mature” dogs.  Bye ya’ll!

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