Blake, the “Ladies Man”


Hey there humans!  My name is Blake, an’ today I getta try out this blog thingy.  It’s my first blog, so I may not say a whole lot… I just wanna try it out!  So, here is my basic info — I’m a Pit Bull/Boxer mix a lil over a year old.  A nice guy who volunteers here found me at the end of his driveway without a collar or anything, and brought me here, and no one ever claimed me, so I’m just hangin’ out here waitin’ for my forever home.


I always get ice cream on my way home from obedience class!

This is a pretty cool place to hang out though, instead of bein’ out on the streets, havin’ to take care of myself.  Here I have a clean, cool place to sleep, I get regular meals, I have lots of girlfriends (both human, and doggy girlfriends), and a roommate, Orchid.  Plus, the humans here give us lots of attention, and there are volunteers, too, who come in and take me to obedience class at The Dogs’ Spot, on outings, and my favorite volunteer who loves to wrestle with all us dogs, and even jumps in the kiddy pools with us!!!  LOL!  Life’s good here… but I do wanna find a forever home, like Hercules has found.  He spent last weekend with his soon-to-be new dad, and came back looking like he had been spoiled with lots of treats and extra tasty food!  I heard he’ll be goin’ to his forever home soon, which is awesome for him!

I’ve been workin’ on being good in obedience class, so I can go on to learn some agility stuff.  Merrick comes back braggin’ ’bout the agility stuff he’s learnin’ with Harrison, and I gotta catch up ’cause I can’t have Merrick of all dogs lookin’ better than me, lol.  Orchid says it’s lots of fun, too!

In case you’re wondering about my nickname, it’s ’cause I like only girl dogs… not that I’ve got anything much against boy dogs, I just wanna be the only boy!  I mean Hercules seems okay, Max is probly all right, but I’m a flirt with the girls like Xena, Bianca, Orchid and I loved havin’ Betty Jo as a roommate before she was adopted.  See, not all the other dudes here can handle all the ladies like I can… ha ha!  When Xena and I first met, it was obvious to me she didn’t really know how to play with dogs (which is kinda sad, but she’s gettin’ much better), so I play bowed to her, hunkered down low and licked her chin to let her know I wanted to play.  She kinda jumped back all startled like the first time I did that, (which was really funny, but don’t tell her I said that) but she’s come around.  I love Orchid, and Bianca too… I think I have a “type”.  Anyway, our humans think it’s funny I’m such a ladies man and one human made a short video ’bout me, and I think I look real good, so you gotta check it out.

Well, I gotta go… I have a date with Xena!  Next time I blog, I’ll tell ya ’bout my ideal forever home.  If ya wanna learn more ’bout me though, check me out here.




Hey there… my name is Brinkley, and I’m tryin’ out this blog thing for the first time.  I’m about 2 1/2 years old, and an American Bulldog/Boxer mix.  I arrived at HSGKC last summer… I was with a real nice woman who couldn’t keep me ’cause she was havin’ a lot of stuff goin’ on in her life.  She really did “rescue” me… see I had a great dad, but after he passed away I was real shy, and scared.  The family didn’t want me to go to a shelter in Oklahoma (that’s where I’m from) ’cause I was so shy with a lot of new men, and they were afraid I wouldn’t get adopted… so the woman who was fostering me contacted HSGKC and I got to come here.

I’m happy I’m here ’cause the humans here are really, really nice, and patient with me. My favorite human is Amber… she works with all the dogs in the shelter.  I love everyone else I’ve met, too, both staff and volunteers, but Amber is still my fav.  I was super nervous when I got here, but I’m doin’ a lot better now.  My roommate is Diesel… he’s a sweet, cool, guy… who is like my “little brother” (even though he’s older than me) ’cause sometimes he gets on my nerves a lil… just ’cause he’s always wantin’ to give me kisses. But I like cuddling up with him at night.


Me giving Amber kisses after our afternoon walk.

So… in case you wanna know about the kind of forever home I’d like, I guess I should tell you a little more about myself.  I’m still shy with new humans, especially men… so I need humans who will be patient with me, and understand how I am, and probably not real young/small humans.  I’m kinda choosy when it comes to my doggy friends… I’m still tryin’ to figure out exactly how to play with other dogs.  Diesel is teaching me when he can, but we don’t always go outside in the yard together because I’m so talented, I can jump a 6′ fence… so we can only go out in the yard when no other dogs are out which is kinda hard to do right now.  We’re gettin’ our new 8′ fence in pretty soon, and I’m real excited about that so I can play outside more often with Diesel.  I’ve met a few dogs, but prefer dogs who aren’t real high energy… so Diesel’s a good match for me.  Even though I wanna chase cats, I know our humans don’t like that, so I need a home without cats.  I love Milkbones, and dog treats… I’ll sit pretty, and shake, and lay down for treats.  After I’ve gotten to know a human, and trust them, I’m very loyal, and affectionate with them… just check out the picture of me and Amber for Valentine’s Day on HSGKC’s Facebook page.

I got back from my walk with Diesel a few minutes ago, and saw some guys comin’ in to work on the plumbing… so I gotta go keep an eye on them and make sure they stay outta trouble.  I’ll try to check in again soon.

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Jack and the Parvo Puppy Fraternity (Adopted!)


hi everybody, what’s up?  my name is Jack, an’ i’m an american bull dog/boxer mix, an’ i’m 8 months old.  i’m buttin’ in line for bloggin’ ’cause i getta talk ’bout somethin’ im-poor-tah-nt.  one of our humans, Kate, made a funny the other day when she was talkin’ to Pete, Jai an’ Christine ’bout some of us puppies who haven’t been here long, like me, an’ ’bout why we came here… she called us the “parvo puppy frat” (i dunno what that word is for sure, i think it’s got to do with a group of some kind). anyways, she called me a member of the PPF, an’ said there were 2 “pledges” (Zoe an’ Whitney) at VCA Welborn, and some other PPF pups (Storm, Fred, Frank, and Elsa) who just went thru what i went thru.

so, lemme tell ya ’bout what i went thru an’ ’bout parvovirus, an’ ’bout some other stuff like why i’m sooooo lucky to be here.  see i came here ’cause the human who had me before couldn’t take care of me when i got real sick with parvo, so she brought me here an’ then i had to go to Welborn for hoss-pit-il-ih-zay-shun (i got lots of special care an’ medicine, an’ stuff to make me feel better).

here’s whatcha need to know ’bout parvo… see it’s a virus that is real con-tay-g-iss to dogs ’cause it’s spread thru poop (i know, kinda gross, huh?).  parvo lives in the the dirt, an’ water, an’ grass for a long time which is how pups like me can pick it up… but if i had gotten shots when i was real young, i wouldn’t have gotten it. if a pup or doggy gets sick with parvo, we throw up, don’t wanna eat or drink water, an’ act like we’re real sick (like we don’t wanna get up).  if humans figure out what’s wrong with us fast, like they did with me, then we can get better with medicine an’ bein’ hoss-pit-il-ized.  then, we come here to HSGKC an’ we gots to stay in a room special for pups like me ’cause we’re still “shedding” the virus… i think that means other dogs or puppies can get it from us.  we gots to stay in the special room for 10-21 whole days, waitin’ to feel better… an’ it gets lonely, even with other PPF dogs in there!  we only get to see humans a few times a day, ’cause they have to be careful about not spreading parvo to other pups.  it sucks!  i know it’s for our own good, an’ to make sure nobody else gets sick, but it still sucks.  anyways, i’m doin’ lots an’ lots better now, but i’m still skinny from being soooo sick, but way better than i was when i came in!

i gots one more thing to tell ya… i’m so lucky HSGKC took me in so i could get better!  our humans take in puppies and dogs who are real sick with stuff like parvo an’ other stuff, from humans who can’t afford to take care of us, an’ from animal control, an’ if we’re strays and have nobody to care for us.  i know it costs lots of money to take care of us, but they do it ’cause they’re so awesome! i heard Kate tellin’ Christine that HSGKC has taken in 15 pups in 9 weeks who’ve had parvo, an’ it costs ’round $600 per dog when we’re bein’ hoss-pit-il-eyezed.  if ya wanna help them out so they can keep helpin’ pups like me, maybe think ’bout makin’ somethin’ called a “do-nay-shun” to Gabriels’ Fund… our humans say “every lil bit helps”.  we’re all so lucky HSGKC is here, an’ the humans here are awesome!!

k, that’s alls i got for now… i’ll talk ’bout the kinda home i’d like the next time i do this blog thingy.  bye!!!!!

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this is frank…


… and this is fred.  they’re both PPF pups.  they’re feeling better now but still shedding the virus so they have to stay isolated from the rest of the dogs for a bit longer.  : (

Baloo (Adopted!)


Hey humans, my name is Baloo.  I was in really bad shape when my former owner brought me here.  My leg was real bad from being hit by a car or maybe I got into a fight or somethin’ like that, so to save my life it was amputated.  I needed lots of stuff, like medicine, and fluids, and lotsa food, and other stuff to make me feel better.  I’m kinda awesome, though, ’cause I made it through all that stuff and gained some weight (I only weighed like 46 pounds when I came in).  Now I’m doin’ way better and moved out to the main kennel and got a roommate named Rosie. She’s nice, and chill.  Don’t let me only havin’ 3 legs scare you off, ’cause dogs and cats like me (even though I don’t get it that humans like cats so much… they’re fun to watch, but soooo moody) don’t have any hang-ups about not havin’ 4 legs.  I’ve got 3 good ones, and can move and run ’round real good.

So, in case you see me and think I might be a good fit for you, I gotta tell you a few things about me.  First, I’m picky about some humans, and dogs.  I don’t like everybody I meet (dogs or humans) but can you blame me… if you saw what I looked like when I came in, you’d totally understand.  I’d like to go to a home with humans who’ve had Boxers before, ’cause they “get” us, and they gotta know what they’re doin’ to help me with some of my human issues.  I’m not aggressive or nothin’ like that, but if I meet dudes that scare me, I bark a lot ’cause I dunno what they’re all about yet.  Anyways, I know how to “sit” ’cause then I get yummy treats, and I’m goofy.  I like to run ’round the yards we get to go out in, and I gots the Boxer wiggle thing goin’ on for me, too.  I’m not real hyper, and I don’t jump a fence or nothin’ crazy like that.  I walk pretty good on a leash, too, if I do say so myself, even though I can’t walk real far yet.  I’m gettin’ better everyday ’cause the humans here take real good care of all of us.  Anyways, I gotta go ’cause I get to go run ’round the yard some more with Rosie.  She just watches me run, but that’s cool.  Bye!

I'm gettin' along just fine on three legs!

I’m gettin’ along just fine on three legs!


Captain (Adopted!)


Hey, today my roommie, Skye, went to her forever home which is cool, but I’m gonna be a lil lonely ’til Pete finds me a new friend.  I want ta tell ya a bit ’bout me and the kinda home I’d like.  First, I’ve got some health stuff goin’ on with me, but don’t let that scare ya away.  I had a couple mast cell grade 2 tumors removed (which are cancerous, but I’ve got a very good prognosis for living a long life).  And now I’m waitin’ to go through heartworm treatment, too.  I’m a real nice boy, fairly mellow, and am good with most dogs, but they’ve gotta be submissive, or at least let me be the boss.  I was very patient with Skye… so I guess it just depends on the dog.  I’d be my best self with dogs about my size, but not too small, and I don’t think I’d like livin’ with cats much… they’re fun to watch but really confusing.

Anyway, if you’ve ever had a Boxer before, ya know what to expect outta us, we’re awesome dogs.  That’s all I got for now.  Talk at ya later.

Captain (Adopted!)


Hi.  My name is Captain, and I am new to the kennel.  I’ve been here since February, but couldn’t have my own spot in the kennel until I had some stuff taken care of, I’ll tell ya more about that another time.  I got to go in one of the big runs, and I got a roommate, her name is Skye.  She was spayed yesterday, but ya wouldn’t know it ’cause she’s as playful as ever.  I’m very patient with her even when she climbs all over me.  I like bein’ out in the kennel… there’s always so much goin’ on!  I see new humans everyday and see all the other dogs.  Anyways, I just wanted to say “what’s up” and introduce myself.  I’ll tell ya more about me another time… I gotta go check out what’s goin’ on.  Bye

Gia (Adopted!)


Hey two-legger’s!  What’s goin’ on with all ya’ll?  All of us are pretty tired ‘cuz yesterday was a hap-nin’ kinda day.  Some of the dogs, Ivy, Dexter, Maddox an’ a few others who haven’t blogged yet, went to a parade an’, satellite event yesterday in Brookside.  All of ’em seemed tired when they got back.  Me an’ some of the other dogs decided to hang here an’ take advantage of the volunteers who came in… since there weren’t as many of us here I gotta go on like 3 walks, which was awesome.  I even snagged a coupla french fries from Christine, our adoptions human. They were really tasty an’ since I don’t have ta watch what I eat, I tried ta get more, but she only let me have 2.  Anyways, I loved goin on all the walks, enjoyin’ the nice weather an’ sunshine, an’ of, course, all the treats.  I really like walks and am kinda startin’ to figure out how to walk on a leash a lil nicer… but it’s just so much fun to pull the humans around!  They’re all impressed with my strength.

I might as well tell ya’ll ’bout the kinda home I’d like to have.  I wanna be the ONLY pet, I don’t wanna share any attention with other dogs, especially not cats… they’re weird creatures an’ so hard to figure out… anyway back to me.  I’d also like a big yard to run an’ play in, but you gots ta have a tall fence ‘cuz I can climb (kinda cool trick, huh, ‘specially ‘cuz of my size).  I’d probly be ok with older 2-legged’ kids, but ‘cuz of my strength, an’ how good I’m gonna look when I’ve gained more weight, I’d be a bit much for real lil humans.  I do love grown-up 2-leggers, an’ show my appreciation when they hang with me by givin’ hugs an’ kisses.  All for now… I think we’re gettin’ ready for another walk soon.