Gia, aka “Big-G” (Adopted!)


Whad-up people?  I gotta agree with Porter on this one…”people” just doesn’t flow for me just yet.  Anyways, I’m excited cuz I finally got a nickname: Big-G.  I like it cuz now I’m weighing in around 91 pounds and I’m lookin’ goo-ood and cuz my 2 favorite guys, Pete and Chuck, started callin’ me that!  When I got here, I didn’t look real good and only weighed 62 pounds, and the vet said I was “emaciated” or somethin’ like that.  See, I lived on a chain, too, and the humans who had me really didn’t take good care of me… but that’s all in the past… what’s important is I’m doin’ way better now.  Our humans think I could easily gain another 15-20 pounds, but it takes time for us to gain weight.

I’m still the strongest dog here, just ask any of the humans who’ve taken me for a walk.  I’m sure they’d like it if I didn’t pull so hard when I walk, but I like showin’ all the other dogs how strong I am.  Pete’s spent some time teachin’ me how to “heel”, and if I gotsta heel, I will, but I kinda do what I wanna do most of the time.  That’s part of being an American Bulldog, we’re stubborn, I think the word humans use is “headstrong” or somethin’ like that.  It’s part of our charm… and what can get us into trouble sometimes if we’re part of a family that’s never had a dog like us before. Not to say that we’re not good for first time dog owners, but ya gotta know what you’re doin’ with us… we LOVE humans, LOVE makin’ our humans happy, but bein’ stubborn means you’ve gotta be real patient with us and know how to train us!

I’d “blog” more, but I’m savin’ my energy for when Chuck comes in to take me for a long walk!  I have to share him with Darla and Ella cuz he likes them lots too, but ’til I get adopted and have my very own humans I gotta share, even if it’s with Darla and Ella (I’m not talkin’ smack on them or anythin’, I just wanna be the center of attention).  Gotta run, I’ll check in again soon.

Me and Chuck just hangin' out after my walk...this weather is perfect for me!

Me and Chuck just hangin’ out after my walk… this weather is perfect for me!

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Porter the Powerhouse


Hey humans what’s goin’ on? Btw, I’m workin’ on callin’ ya’ll “people” but it doesn’t “flow” for me when I’m bloggin’ just yet. Anyways, I’ve got more important stuff to talk about than proper names, like some new things I’m learnin’ to do.  So Pete has been wantin’ to do more for us dogs, to add some new fun activities to our days, and cuz he’s worked with dogs a LOT even before he started workin’ here he knows tons ’bout dogs.

Anyways, some Eagle Scouts built some agility equipment for us and I got to try it out a couple times last week… and I gotta tell ya, I’m AWESOME!!  I tried a couple things like a tunnel at The Dog’s Spot, but this new stuff is way cool, too!  Pete’s teachin’ Christine how to teach us dogs agility, so together we learned how to do a Dog Walk, an A-Frame, a Teeter-Totter, and my favorite is the hoop/tire jump.  I rock the jump and power right through the hoop and get real excited when I run and jump through it!  I heard Pete tellin’ Christine that Dooney‘s more “precise” than I am when he’s doin’ agility stuff, but he can’t bring the power like I can!  I know Hercules jumped through the hoop, too, but I think he’s jealous he’s not as good as me… hee hee (and cuz Christine’s spendin’ time with me)!

I wanted to talk about the agility stuff cuz our humans are workin’ on somethin’ soon to raise money to have a fence put up and a shed to store the equipment in (see, Willis, I know big words, too).  Our humans are always tryin’ to find new things for us to do to make our lives better while we’re waitin’ for our forever homes.  You gotta check me out in this video so you can see how boss I look!  You’d never know I lived on a chain my whole life before I came here… and who’d ever think a dog like me could do something like this, but, then again, I rock!

That’s all I got for now!  Peace out!



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Janis & Toby, the “Old” Couple (Adopted together!)


tobyHi humans my name is Toby, and my roommate is Janis.  I’m going to do more of the talking ’cause Janis is still a little shy.  We’re both Beagles, seniors, and heartworm positive.  We just had our first heartworm treatment yesterday and aren’t feeling quite 100% yet, but we’re doing okay.  I’m 14 years old… yes, I really am 14!  I was found as a stray at the end of June and brought here.  I’m micro-chipped, and our humans made several attempts to contact my owners, but no one ever called back.  I’m happy to be here for a few reasons, but the most important reason, in my opinion, is to help Janis.  See, Janis was brought here a little before me by a good samaritan who worried about her ’cause she had lived all of her 8 years on a chain… never bein’ inside, never knowin’ what a home is like, and she’d never even been to a doggy doctor.  She was very timid, shy, and a bit scared at first, but then our humans decided to put us together in the main doggy kennel…. and the rest is, as they say, “history”.  (I don’t know who “they” are, but I think they might be wise Beagles that humans have listened to… we’re very, very smart dogs).

Since Janis and I have been roommates, our humans have learned Janis really loves to play with other dogs, like me. Be sure to check out our video to see us in action!  We were in play groups, but now we can’t play with those young pups until we’re finished with our heartworm treatments. Janis also started to take my lead and learned to trust the humans she met, more and more.  She isn’t as nervous for as long in new situations, like when we went to a Satellite Adoption Event at Whole Foods last month.  We both like goin’ on walks, like the Pack Walks (we can still go on walks, but we can’t get our heart rate going too fast ’cause of the heartworm treatment), and we walk real nicely on leashes.  We watch all the younger dogs, some of ’em pull the humans, but not us… we are gentle on leashes, like most older dogs.  Now, don’t let the fact I’m 14 and Janis is 8 make you think we don’t have a LOT of life left in us!  We’re pretty darn energetic, and love goin’ places and doin’ new things.  One new thing we’re both doin’ is obedience class, but I’ll let Janis tell ya ’bout that ’cause she just told me to let her have a turn at the blog.

janisHi… I’m Janis… uuhhmm, I think Toby may have been yankin’ your chain a little when he said I wanted to have a turn at this blog thingy…. I’m still not sure what this is all about, but I’m gonna try.  We’ve got some pretty awesome humans here, I must say.  They’re always tryin’ to think of ways to make our lives better while we’re waitin’ for forever homes of our own. So, they started up obedience classes for us dogs here at the shelter an’ Toby an’ I are in beginners class… so ignore that sayin’ “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, ’cause we’re learning lots of stuff… well, Toby is learnin’ more than I am as far as stuff to do like “sit”, an’ lookin’ humans in the eyes. Toby does this real funny thing when he’s asked to “sit”– he lets out a bay/bark, then sits!  It’s so funny to watch, an’ the humans love it.  I’m just takin’ it all in, but I’m learnin’ to trust new humans, an’ I really like the mom an’ daughter, Katie an’ Michelle, who are workin’ with me an’ Toby. They’ve come to every class an’ really like workin’ with us, which makes me feel special.  I’m still shy ’round most new humans, but I warm up pretty quickly, ‘specially to women.  I’d love to go to a forever home with Toby, but I don’t wanna hold him back from gettin’ adopted.  Our humans think it’d be best for me to go to a home with another dog, an’ I agree with them ’cause I really do love other dogs.

We’re gonna go take a nap in the sun now an’ rest up for obedience classes.  We’ll tell ya ’bout the kinda forever homes we’d like later. Keep us in mind if you’re lookin’ for a mellower dog… we may be “seniors”, but we’ve got lots an’ lots to offer, an’ there are advantages to adopting “mature” dogs.  Bye ya’ll!

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Leroy, aka The Sheriff (now Rufus)


Hey humans!  What’s up?  I’ve got lots to tell ya ‘bout my new life, so here it goes:  Back in April this cool woman came in wantin’ to adopt a “harder to place” dog, like Shine, or Smiley, an’ after Christine talked to her for a while, Christine thought I’d be a great match for the woman, (her name is Jen an’ she’s my new mom).  Jen liked me a LOT the first time she met me, an’ she kept comin’ back in to visit, which was really cool.  Christine had Alex (she’s one of my very favorite humans ever) an’ Stan (he took me to lots of obedience classes at The Dogs’ Spot) talk to Jen ‘bout me, too, cuz they spent time with me doin’ different stuff).  Pete also talked to my new mom, too (cuz he’s awesome, an’ has known me since I came into the shelter, an’ he’s sooooo smart about us dogs).  They told her all kinds of good stuff ‘bout me, like the obedience stuff I know, an’ how nice I walk on a leash, an’ why I got the nickname of “The Sheriff”.   Anyways, after a while Jen thought she might wanna take me home, but wasn’t 100% sure yet (no one knew how I’d be in a house), an’ she was able to take me home to “foster” me for a while so she could like really get to know me, away from the shelter, an’ in her home.  She ended up adopting me 3 weeks after she took me home.

I’ve had lots an’ lots to learn ‘bout bein’ in a home… like a dishwasher (I’ve made peace with this weird machine thingy), can opener, microwave, toaster (humans got lots of stuff to fix their food… they’re kinda complicated), an’ house-training.  I’m soooo awesome, cuz I learned real quick how to potty outside!  My mom’s so proud of me cuz I’ve NEVER had a potty accident in my new home… I dunno why humans make such a big deal ‘bout that, cuz they potty inside, but if it makes my mom happy, whateve’.  I’m still workin’ on not bein’ as scared of some stuff outside that move fast or make loud noises (bicycles, skateboards, garbage trucks, buses).

See, the reason some of this stuff makes me nervous is cuz I lived on a chain, outside all the time before I came to HSGKC, so I wasn’t “socialized”, an’ dogs who live on chains have “issues”. We often aren’t well socialized with other dogs, cats, and people.  We have “fear” or are nervous with things like skateboards, bicycles, and often kids and people because we can be teased and can’t escape the things that scare us because we can’t go any further than the length of the chain.

Anyways, now I’m lovin’ bein’ in a home with a human all my own!  I’m her “Sheriff” now…so I listen for stuff like cats, loud cars, an’ just keep an’ eye out for any signs of stuff that might not be good for me an’ my mom.  I love bein’ with her so much I follow her all over the house, cuddle with her lots (she calls me a “huggy bear”, an’ I’m dog enuff I like her nickname for me), an’ protect the house from the cats who don’t know a dog’s livin’ there (I bark at them lots just to let ‘em know there’s a dog here so don’t come ‘round… hee hee), an’ when my mom’s sleepin’, I sleep outside her room or by the front door to make sure she stays safe.  She’s taken me to obedience classes, an’ she’s really tryin’ her very best to help me with the stuff that scares me.

I’m so, so happy she took a chance on me… I’m not the easiest dog cuz young humans make me nervous, I’m not real playful with other dogs, an’ I’m still workin’ on my fear of loud fast moving things outside an’ the other stuff I’m not sure of.  The most awesome thing ‘bout my mom is she loves me for me, even tho I have some stuff I’m workin’ on gettin’ better at… she saw past all that stuff an’ decided to take a chance on me.  Not to get all serious or anythin’, an’ I know dogs like me aren’t for everybody, but for the right human or humans, we’ve got lots to offer.

This is what my new mom said ’bout me: “What a boy. I can’t say enough good things about Rufus. He is a diamond in the rough. He just needed a chance to show everyone what kind of dog he is when loved. And hugged.”

Gotta run peeps… I’ve gotta watch some Rufus t.v.

Me chillin' in my new digs!

Me chillin’ in my new digs.

Me watchin' out the front door...always on the lookout, ya know Rufus t.v.!

Me watchin’ out the front door… always on the lookout, ya know Rufus t.v.!