Barley: Heartworm treatment stinks!


Hey. Today wasn’t the best day for me, but I know it’s for my own good. I’m heartworm positive an’ had my first treatment today, so I thought since it’s my turn to blog I’d tell ya ’bout this yucky infection.  Dogs, like me, get heartworm infection through the bite of an infected mosquito. It penetrates the tissue of a dog then moves through our bloodstream an’ from there goes into the heart and lungs. When I first came in to HSGKC, the vet ran a blood test an’ found out I had heartworm infection.  I had to take antibiotics for 30 whole days to weaken the adult worms an’ to prep for my actual treatment.  I feel kinda crummy cuz I got an immiticide injection (this is some serious stuff, it’s a poison) in my back, an’ it hurt, but I got some other pills to make me feel better. The immiticide kills the adult heartworms, but I still gotta have 2 more treatments.  

While I’m goin’ through all this, our humans have to keep me quiet an’ I’m only allowed to go on leashed walks.  I can’t do anythin’ that’ll raise my heart rate too much cuz as the worms die my body has to be able to break them down appropriate like.  If my heart rate stays up for too long, then my body can’t do what it’s supposed to an’ I could get somthin’ called a pulmonary embolism, which could kill me (somthin’ real bad for my heart… humans an’ their fancy words when I’m so pooped… oh well I know they love me). Heartworm infection is fatal if not treated.  

Anyways, I wanted to let ya’ll know all this is preventable with monthly heartworm preventative.  Some of the other dogs here are gonna go through their treatments soon, too, an’ we wanted to tell ya a bit about it so you humans don’t forget to give us our monthly preventative!  K, that’s lots of typing, an’ now I’m really tired……