Ethan & Etta (Adopted)


hi humans!  i’m Ethan, an’ my sis is Etta!  i’m gonna try this blog thing first cuz my sis is a tiny bit shy at first… then she’s just as happy-go-lucky an’ outgoing as me!  here’s our story so far… we’re Pit Bull/Dachshund (funny spelling, huh?)/Corgi mixes or somethin’ like that, an’ we’re 6 months old.  KCK animal control found us, an’ we were real sick with parvovirus AND had dee-moh-dex mange, so we were brought here, after we went to VCA Welborn Animal Hospital cuz we had to get treated for parvo.  we’re so glad we got to come here!  we’re doin’ lots better now an’ our fur has grown back an’ everything!!  HSGKC has taken in lots of puppies since we came in who have dee-moh-dex mange, too… Wilbur, Homer, French Fry, an’ Dwayne… you’ll probly meet some of them soon, ‘cept for Wilbur cuz he’s gonna be adopted next week!

anethan&ettayways… i thought maybe you humans would like to know a lil more ’bout dee-moh dex so it doesn’t seem so scary!  ya see, dee-moh-dex is a mite that lives on all doggies an’ sometimes when doggies immune systems (i gotta say, humans got lots of big words for stuff…
sheesh!) are immature (like for us puppies), or if there’s a lot of stress (like we’re puppies fendin’ for ourselves on the streets without a home or a mommy), then the stupid lil mites get outta control an’ start attacking our fur!  how rude! as if we don’t already have enuff goin’ on!  anyways, sometimes it looks real bad… like we get scabs, an’ lee-juhns, an’ sometimes humans think we look icky… well we can’t help it!  we feel like we’ve got somethin’ called “poy-son ivy” (a rash humans get, i think) all over our whole bodies, an’ we itch real bad!  the good thing ’bout dee-moh-dex is that it’s not con-tay-jush to other doggies, kitties or humans!  the other kinda mange, scay-bees or sar-cop-tick mange is con-tay-jush!  i’m happy we don’t got that kind!  the humans here take real, real good care of us, an’ we take medicine to kill the stupid lil mites, an’ we gots to have regular medicay-ted baths til we get better!  how long it takes for us to be all healthy jus’ depends on how bad the mites are!  k, so i’m gonna let Etta talk ’bout somethin’ excitin’ for us tomorrow!

ettahi… i’m Etta an’ i heard our humans talkin’ ’bout a sat-el-ite adop-shun event me an’ Ethan getta go to tomorrow!!  i’m a tiny bit nervous ‘cuz i’m not totally sure what it’s all ’bout, but i’ve heard they’re lots of fun!  we’re gonna be at some place called Four Paws antry & Spa in Olathe from 11-3 on Saturday, August 1!  you can check out for more info!  i think it’s gonna be fun… we’re gonna meet new humans, some doggies, an’ if i ‘member right, when doggies go to sat-el-ite adop-shun events, humans make a REAL big deal ’bout how cute us dogs are (an’ me and Ethan are real cute… ask anyone, an’ check out our video, too!), give us lots of treats, an’ play with us an’ stuff!  sometimes, humans meet doggies at the event thingies, an’ wanna even adopt dogs they meet!  that’d be soooo awesome!  me and Ethan really wanna go to a forever home together!  we’ve been thru a lot already, an’ our super nice humans don’t want us to be split up cuz we’re so cute together!  the next time we blog, we’ll talk ’bout the kinda forever home we want… unless a family decides they wanna adopt us before then… that’d be so cool!

k, we’re gonna say bye for now cuz it’s time for us to go outside an’ play with Wilbur! don’t forget to check out for more info ’bout adopt-shun, the event tomorrow…an’ you gotta watch our video!  bye!!!!


Sweet Pibble (Adopted!)


Hi everyone, my name is Pibble.  I’m 2-3 years old and I’m a Pit Bull.  I getta try this blog thingy out today ’cause I getta talk ’bout me an’ Skinny Pete.  The reason I wanted to blog is ’cause I know Jai (she’s one of the humans who takes care of us, specifically me and Skinny Pete) has put some stuff ’bout us on somethin’ called “instagram” and I thought you might wanna know how we’re doin’. Before I say too much more… I want to tell you I’m doin’ great!  You may have read about my bad injury or seen photos of my injury on Instagram or Facebook, but I want you to know that thanks to the surgeries and lots of TLC from the humans here I’m getting better everyday!  Skinny Pete was shot in the foot, and he’s doin’ fine now, too!

This is my buddy, Skinny Pete!

This is my buddy, Skinny Pete!

I learned that ’cause HSGKC works with KCK Animal Control, dogs and cats who need extra medical attention come here ’cause they have more humans here to do the stuff we need, and that’s how Skinny Pete and I came here.  Anyways, we’re doin’ really good!  I think Skinny Pete has a lil crush one me, and I gotta be honest, I have a crush on him, too. We LOVE playing together, and hanging out together in the volunteer room.  We wrestle, and run around, and make our humans laugh.  I think the reason our humans love us so much is ’cause we have real good temperaments… like we LOVE all the humans we meet, especially when they give me Pup-Peroni (Christine found out that’s my most favorite treat, so she always have a stash for me).  They also love us ’cause despite what’s happened to us, we are happy and love humans.  I’m also great with cats, too.

I’m gonna go for now, but before I do, I just wanted to say I’m sooooo happy HSGKC helps dogs like me and Skinny Pete!  We’re so lucky to be here, and we’re doin’ great! If you’ve made a donation to help us, thanks!  Next time I’ll talk about the kinda forever home I’d like.  If you wanna learn more about me, Skinny Pete, or how to help HSGKC, check out the HSGKC website, or you can make a donation to Gabriel’s Fund or Ray of Hope in our name.

Find out more about me >


My wound is almost healed now!

My wound is almost healed now!


Thank you to everyone who’s helped me get better!


Baloo (Adopted!)


Hey humans, my name is Baloo.  I was in really bad shape when my former owner brought me here.  My leg was real bad from being hit by a car or maybe I got into a fight or somethin’ like that, so to save my life it was amputated.  I needed lots of stuff, like medicine, and fluids, and lotsa food, and other stuff to make me feel better.  I’m kinda awesome, though, ’cause I made it through all that stuff and gained some weight (I only weighed like 46 pounds when I came in).  Now I’m doin’ way better and moved out to the main kennel and got a roommate named Rosie. She’s nice, and chill.  Don’t let me only havin’ 3 legs scare you off, ’cause dogs and cats like me (even though I don’t get it that humans like cats so much… they’re fun to watch, but soooo moody) don’t have any hang-ups about not havin’ 4 legs.  I’ve got 3 good ones, and can move and run ’round real good.

So, in case you see me and think I might be a good fit for you, I gotta tell you a few things about me.  First, I’m picky about some humans, and dogs.  I don’t like everybody I meet (dogs or humans) but can you blame me… if you saw what I looked like when I came in, you’d totally understand.  I’d like to go to a home with humans who’ve had Boxers before, ’cause they “get” us, and they gotta know what they’re doin’ to help me with some of my human issues.  I’m not aggressive or nothin’ like that, but if I meet dudes that scare me, I bark a lot ’cause I dunno what they’re all about yet.  Anyways, I know how to “sit” ’cause then I get yummy treats, and I’m goofy.  I like to run ’round the yards we get to go out in, and I gots the Boxer wiggle thing goin’ on for me, too.  I’m not real hyper, and I don’t jump a fence or nothin’ crazy like that.  I walk pretty good on a leash, too, if I do say so myself, even though I can’t walk real far yet.  I’m gettin’ better everyday ’cause the humans here take real good care of all of us.  Anyways, I gotta go ’cause I get to go run ’round the yard some more with Rosie.  She just watches me run, but that’s cool.  Bye!

I'm gettin' along just fine on three legs!

I’m gettin’ along just fine on three legs!


Bart (Adopted!)


hi… my name is Bart.  i’m almost 4 months old.  i’m a pit bull mix.  i’ve had a rough start to my life, and real glad i’m here ’cause even though i’m still a bit shy with new humans, every human i’ve met here has been really nice to me.  a kansas city, ks, animal control officer picked me up on april 30th. i was real sick with something called parvo… and had wounds in my neck from a wire or chain or something like that ’cause it was too tight.  i went to welborn pet hospital so i could get stuff to make me feel better, then i came here may 3rd.  i’ve heard humans like pete, christine, and alex say i’m mellow for a puppy… i dunno what that means, but i’m just quiet and taking things in.  i’m learnin’ how to play with toys… at first they scared me, but alex and christine have been showin’ me how much fun toys are.  i even got to hang out in the volunteer room with christine, gina, monica, alex, and some other humans on friday… which was scary, but cool ’cause i got lots and lots of attention and treats.

on saturday, i got to go to the satellite event at brookside barkery & bath, too.  uuhhmm… it was a little scary meeting all the new humans at first, but then i figured out humans can be SUPER nice and it was really fun.  all the humans i know are happy ’cause i’m really starting to come out of my shell and showing my personality.  i really liked Baloo (he let me climb all over him and didn’t care… he was kinda picky with the other dogs who were there, so i felt special).

on sunday i went on my first pack walk which was soooo cool.  i liked walkin’ with the big dogs and gotta meet some new doggies and humans who were really nice.  i walked on a leash really good (that’s what i was told anyway), and got treats, and had fun outside in the sunshine.  i like the pack walks and hope i get to go on more.  i think pete might be tryin’ to find a friend for me to play with this week.  i’m excited ’bout that ’cause then i’ll have a friend to play with and curl up with at night.  i’m still tired from the past couple days… big days for me, but i had sooo much fun.  i’m gonna go take a nap now… bye.


this is me and a volunteer named claire.  she took good care of me at brookside barkery & bath on saturday and we had fun together.

Skye (Adopted!)


Hi, my name is Skye and I’m pretty new to the main kennel.  I moved out here last week, first with Grizzly and then I moved in with Captain ’cause he really likes me, and Rosedale moved in with Grizzly.  I came here really skinny and weak– my previous person did not take care of me, so animal control had to rescue me and they brought me here to the humane society to get better.  I have gained almost 16 whole pounds in a few weeks ’cause our humans here are very nice and fed me lots.

I like bein’ out in the kennel with Captain ’cause we have one of the biggest places in the kennel, and can go inside and outside all day when the weather is nice.  Plus, I can see the other dogs and I meet lots of new people.  I was timid and shy when I came in, but most of my shyness is gone, again ’cause our human caretakers are awesome.  I like hangin’ out and playin’ in the yard and in the run with Captain.  He’s a pretty cool roommie, ‘specially ’cause he lets me climb and jump all over him and doesn’t care.

I’m 2 years old, but kinda act like a puppy still, or so the humans say.  I’ll tell you more about me and the kinda home I’d like another time… I gotta go run around the yard and play!  Bye!

This is what I looked like when I first arrived at the humane society.  I've gained 16 lbs since then, and am a much happier girl.

This is what I looked like when I first arrived at the humane society a few weeks ago. I’ve gained 16 lbs since then.

This is what I look like now.  I'm a healthy and happy girl!

This is what I look like now. I’m a healthy and happy girl!