Hey humans, what’s goin’ on with you?  Our humans are real busy here with some upcoming satellite adoption events, Art Unleashed, and there are 2 new humans who are training to work with us dogs!  There’s a satellite event on Saturday, August 15th, from 9 am (that’s early!) ’til 1pm called Tails on the Trails in Lenexa.  You can bring your dog, take your dog for a swim, enter the pet talent show, and meet lots of dog friendly vendors and adoptable dogs.  I’m gonna hang here ’cause I don’t really wanna go hang out with a bunch of other dogs… see I’m the kinda dog who really loves bein’ the ONLY pet in the home so I’m the center of attention!  I heard our humans talkin’ ’bout Tails on the Trails, and I guess it’s best that real dog friendly dogs go ’cause there’s gonna be lots of dogs there… so I think Farley, Ethan & Etta, Bowie, Mollie, and maybe a coupla other dogs are goin’ too.

Art Unleashed is a big deal, too, and that’s comin’ up on August 22nd.  It’s this real big fundraiser to help our humans here at HSGKC do all the great stuff they do for us… like take care of us when we’re not feelin’ good (like when I had heartworm treatment last year), and for new stuff like the BEG Program Pete has been workin’ on for us dogs!  Art Unleashed is a live and silent auction of original artwork, and I heard it’s a lot of fun.  If ya wanna learn more ’bout that and get yourself some tickets, check out for details!

I suppose some of ya might be wonderin’ why I’m bloggin… well, I came back to HSGKC after being adopted last year.  See, our humans love us all so much they promise to always take us back if things aren’t workin’ out for us in our adoptive home… for dogs and cats, even if it’s 10 years from when we got adopted.  So, here’s the deal… I’m a kinda complicated dude.  I’m very, very smart… but I do got some quirks.  The humans who did adopt me loved me very much but, without meanin’ to be, I was a bit too much for them to handle.  I don’t wanna scare ya, ’cause I am a good boy!  I’m a Husky/Shepherd mix and I’m about 7 years old.  After I’ve been in a home for a bit, I feel it’s my job to be protective of my humans and my home, and even though I’m trying to do a good thing, I guess that makes it kinda hard on my humans if they have lots of people coming over.  So a quieter home without lots of visitors might be better for me. I am really, really affectionate, loyal, and sweet with adult humans I know. But I’ve gotta be the only pet in the home. I’m already house trained, and I’m good ’bout stayin’ in a kennel during the day.  I’m strong, too, but walk pretty good on a leash, and can walk with some other dogs, but they gotta respect my space bubble.  I’m just real happy the humans who had me brought me back here though, ’cause I know our humans will work hard to find an awesome match for me… someone who wouldn’t mind only havin’ one dog, and who’d work with me, and love me as I am.  I know I’d be a great dog companion for someone!

Time for me to go for a walk!

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hi humans, it’s been a bit since i blogged last an’ i’m soooo excited cuz i get to blog today! i just heard from our humans i’m gonna go to my very first satellite adoption event on Saturday!!!!!!  before Nemo got adopted (and we’ve heard he’s doin’ GREAT, btw), he got to go to lots of satellites cuz he was so easy to handle… not that i’m hard to handle, but he was pretty lazy from what i heard!  anyways, i got a new roommate, too, named Breann.  i LOVE her!  she’s so much fun to play with, and we’re ALWAYS playin’ together, in our doggy run and outside in the yard!  i like her the best outta the 3 roommmates i’ve had… Nemo, Bruno (he also got adopted and is doin’ great, too), and now Breann!  when Pete and Christine introduced us, i was real good… i think cuz when i saw her and sniffed her and checked her out, i thought she seemed cool and fun!  anyways, i got kinda side-tracked, but that’s cuz i’m real happy i get to go to a satellite and cuz i REALLY like Breann!  ok, so i hope Breann goes to the satellite, too, so i have a friend to play with, but if she doesn’t, that’s ok, too.  i’m goin’ to a place called Four Paws Pantry & Spa in Olathe from 11-3 on Saturday, May 16th!  Nemo and Bruno told me at satellites they’d get LOTS and LOTS of attention from humans… like bein’ petted, and gettin’ lots of tasty treats!  i know i’m gonna have to have a bath so i look my best for the satellite!  i dunno how i feel ’bout that yet, but i’ll let ya know if i like baths or not.  if ya want more info ’bout the satellite, check out HSGKC‘s website!  oh, i almost forgot, there’s gonna be another satellite on Friday at this play called the Art and Bicycle Clubhouse in a place called the Crossroads. it’s from 6-8.  i’m not goin’ to that one, but i thought some of ya might wanna know!

so… not to be too much of a gossip or nothin’, but i’ve been listenin’ to our humans talkin’ ’bout lots of stuff, and i’ve heard them talkin’ ’bout somethin’ called an “agility yard” and that coming real soon they’re gonna start a drive to raise money for it.  i know some of the dogs like Porter, Dooney, Vinny, an’ Leo got to try out some agility equipment that an Eagle Scout troop built and donated to us.  when they’d come back in after learnin’ some new stuff, they’d all look real happy and tired, like they had lots and lots of fun, and were gonna sleep real well that night cuz they were tuckered out from doin’ somethin’ new.  Nemo even went to some agility classes at The Dogs’ Spot, too, and he said it was fun… he wasn’t real into that kinda stuff, but he did it to make Stan (the volunteer who took him) happy and for food.  that got me thinkin’ that i hope our humans can get enough money to buy the stuff they need for the agility yard cuz i wanna check it out!  i bet i’d be real good at agility cuz i LOVE treats, i can jump pretty high, i’m smart, and i got lots of energy!  i think the agility yard is part of some big thingy Pete is workin’ on for us dogs to make our lives even better while we’re waitin’ for our forever family to find us here!  it sounds so cool!  Pete’s always lookin’ out for us, and so are the other humans who take care of us!  they’re awesome!

that’s all i got for now… but i’ll let ya know if i hear more ’bout the agility stuff!  don’t forget, if ya wanna come meet me Saturday, i’ll be in Olathe!  i’m hopin’ i meet my forever family at my first satellite… that’d be way AWESOME!  bye!!!

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Luke (Adopted!)


Hi, my name is Luke and I’m an 8 year old Chow Chow/Shepherd mix.  I came to HSGKC back in December ’cause I was picked up by KCK Animal Control with a real bad front leg… it was broken, and I was in a lot of pain and it couldn’t be fixed, so I had to have it amputated (ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you I get around just fine on 3 legs… us dogs and cats figure out real quick how to manage on 3 legs!)  And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I also was heartworm positive!  Our people here took really, really good care of me and I’m all healthy now.  I was even pictured on a front page article of the Kansas City Star with Gia a couple of months ago.  I gotta tell you though, heartworm treatment is rough!  I’m real glad that’s over with and that I can run around the yard off leash again!

The reason I get to blog today is ’cause tomorrow I’m gonna go to a fundraising event at Gordon Biersch in Leawood, KS, from 5:30-8:30pm!  They’re doin’ somethin’ called a Maibock Tapping Party to help raise money for us dogs and cats HSGKC takes care of.  I have absoblutely NO idea what Maibock is or a “tapping party” but I guess it’s somethin’ humans like.  I’ve heard of some yummy beer that’s made just for dogs… I wonder if they’ll have any of that there for us, that’d be cool!  I like going to events ’cause it’s fun to meet new people, get lots and lots of attention, and just get out and about!  4 other dogs will be there, too, Hazel, Holly, Charlie, and Farley (sigh, he’s a nice dog… but he’s kinda like a pesky younger brother to me).  I’ll get a lot of attention though because for some reason, people seem to really feel sorry for me ’cause I only have 3 legs.  If you want more info about the event tomorrow, go to

I wanna tell you a little more about me, too, like about the kinda forever home I’d like.  I’m a mild mannered guy, pretty chill, and would do fine living with other dogs as long as they’re mellow and mild mannered like me.  Puppies are okay, but not really my speed.  I’m good with people and kids… ’cause I’m cool like that, and affectionate.  I like being brushed, and I walk nicely on a leash, too.  However, I am not allowed to live with cats per our humans because I like to chase them!  That’s the only time I give the human walking me a hard time is when I see a cat.  Other than that one little thing, I’m a pretty awesome guy.  I keep a clean kennel, and am good about “kenneling up” when I’m asked to.  A fenced yard would be nice, but I don’t have to have one as long as I’m always walked on a leash (you know, ’cause I wanna chase cats… which is so much fun but I know people would prefer I don’t do that… some people are “cat people”, and I suppose it’s not very nice even though it’s fun).  I don’t bark a whole lot either, so I’d be okay in an apartment or condo.

I’m gonna go for now, but I hope to see you tomorrow night!  Don’t forget, if you wanna learn more about me check me out on HSGKC’s website.  Peace out!

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Hey humans, how’s it goin’?  All of us dogs here are doin’ all right.  After a bit of discussion amongst our humans, they’ve decided that I’m the new narrator for the HSGKC Dog Blog since Smiley is now at the Rainbow Bridge.  I’m happy I was chosen to narrate (and I’m not at all surprised I was chosen, I mean, c’mon, I’m “Hercules the Magnificent” after all).

With my new title, this means I will fill you humans in on the stuff that’s goin’ on here at HSGKC.  The KC Pet Telethon was a success, from what I’ve heard.  All I know is that I was AWESOME!  Christine worked with me for about 2 weeks to prepare for our spot on the Telethon, and I learned how to do some neat new tricks, like “finish”, “turn”, “spin”, and “crawl”.  She was even more proud of me than she was last year ’cause I was so good for her!  I can even do a lot of the stuff she taught me off leash, but that’s ’cause she always has really yummy treats for me, and I love workin’ for food!  She’s gonna keep workin’ with me and teach me some new stuff, but I heard her talkin’ to Pete and Kate about Shiloh… I guess I’m gonna have to share some of Christine’s time with Shiloh because he needs to learn some obedience stuff, too, especially how to “stay”!  I know I’m the smartest dog in the kennel, and as much as I hate to admit this (so don’t tell Shiloh, please), he’s a clever dude!  He knows how to make a mad dash out of the building so our humans have to go chase him and lure him back… which is pretty funny!  I don’t bother with those types of “games” ’cause I know my food is here, and my treats, so I wouldn’t run off!

I also heard some talk about a satellite adoption event Saturday, March 21, at Four Paws Pantry and Spa in Olathe from 11-3.  I think Aubrey‘s gonna go, and I heard maybe Brownie will go to his first satellite.  I do like going to satellites, occasionally, but I’d rather stay here Saturdays to human and dog watch… plus Saturdays are when the most volunteers come in, so I get A LOT of treats!  I’m not gonna miss out on that for anything!

I almost forgot… big news… Gia, aka “Big G” was adopted Tuesday.  She’s been my neighbor for almost a year, so I’m gonna kinda miss her, but I’m real happy her humans came along and adopted her!  She’d been here for a little over a year, and was even skinnier than I was when I came in.  She was lookin’ pretty good, ya know, for an American Bulldog.

One other lil bit of gossip/news, for those of you who have seen pictures of Pibble on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, she’s doin’ real well.  I know I’m Christine’s most favorite dog, but I think Pibble is givin’ me a lil competition.  Pibble’s healing well and is a real friendly girl from what I’ve heard.  She won’t be ready for adoption for a while, but I thought ya might wanna know she’s doin’ good.  That’s what makes this shelter so awesome… our humans really do everything they can to help us dogs so we can go to a forever home.  I was skinny, and heartworm positive when I came in, and look at how handsome I am now!

That’s all the news I have for now.  I’ll check in with you again soon.

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Hazel and Holly


hi, my name is Hazel, an’ my sister’s name is Holly.  we’re Shepherd/Hound mixes, an’ we’re ’bout 9 months old.  see we came here ’cause we were the last 2 puppies left from a litter, an’ we were livin’ outside ’cause the humans who had us didn’t really wanna keep us in the house, an’ couldn’t find us homes… so this nice lady got our other humans to give us to her an’ she brought us here ’cause she was real worried ’bout us bein’ outside all the time.  anyways, we were kinda shy an’ a lil scared when we got here, ’cause we’d never seen so many new humans before!  we’re doin’ lots better now tho, an’ like all the humans we’ve met so far!  we love all the humans who take care of us, like Pete, an’ Maddie, an’ Steve, an’ the human volunteers who come in an’ take us outside to play in the yard, an’ we LOVE goin’ on pack walks!  they all give us lots of treats, an’ pets, an’ hugs an’ stuff!  it’s cool bein’ here, ’cause we know we’re loved, an’ cared for, an’ that we’ll find an awesome forever home… but i’ll let Holly tell ya ’bout the kinda forever home we’d like… she needs to try this blog thingy out, too…

uuhhmm, hi, i’m Holly… my sis told me i should try this blog thingy, but i’m not real sure what to talk ’bout, but i’ll try.  Hazel filled you in ’bout how we got here, so i guess i’ll tell you ’bout the kinda forever home we’d like. Connor got to go to his forever home Saturday, so that got us thinkin’ ’bout the kinda home we’d like.  our humans want us to go to a home together, which is real nice of them ’cause me an’ Hazel want that, too! we don’t wanna be split up ’cause we’re real close, like sisters, an’ it’d be scary to not be with her… like i can’t imagine life without her.  that’s the most important thing to me, but we’d also like a fenced yard to run ’round in.  we’re still a tiny bit shy (me more than Hazel) when meetin’ new humans, so maybe we shouldn’t go to a home with real small humans… plus we’re workin’ on somethin’ called “manners”… i guess that’s somethin’ you humans like lots… we’re not naughty or nothin’ like that, we just get real excited sometimes an’ jump on our humans, an’ ’cause we’re gonna be bigger doggies when we’re all growed up, we might like knock a small human over just ’cause manners are so hard to learn!  we’ve met some other doggies, but we’re still not sure what to think of other doggies yet… but we do like Aubrey… she’s fun!  we’re hopin’ we get to be in a play group with her soon, so we can make new friends an’ have someone else to play with.  k… that’s all i got to say for now… bye.

i’m takin’ over again ’cause Holly doesn’t know what else to say… anyways, if ya think maybe you’d wanna give us a forever home together, check us out, we’re on, an’ on (under the “adopt” tab).  we’ll blog again soon, but right now, we’re gonna go ’cause it’s time to go outside and PLAY!  bye!


Prince Konnan


hey everybody, my name is Konnan (pronounced Koh-nan, not like Conan the Barbarian), or as my human dad calls me, Prince Konnan or K-dawg… he’s funny!  i’m an american bulldog/boxer mix, an am only 6 months old.  i getta do somethin’ called a “guest blog” today ’cause i got quite a story to tell.  see i heard The Humane Society of Greater KC was featured on the front page of somethin’ called a “newspaper”, which i think is a big deal ’cause now more humans know how awesome HSGKC is, and all the extra stuff they do to help dogs an’ cats, and ’cause of them that’s how i got some help and a forever home.  see KCK Animal Control picked me up in october, and took me to Welborn Animal Hospital ’cause i couldn’t walk real well.  i had a broken leg, and a fracture in my hip, and HSGKC took me in and took care of me ’til i met my dad, and got to go to a forever home.  my leg has healed, but i gotta have an “f-h-o” surgery to fix my hip ’cause that break hasn’t healed real well.  even though my dad knew this stuff, he adopted me anyway, ’cause he’s super cool like that!  a lil before i went to HSGKC, there was another puppy KCK Animal Control picked up ’cause he was runnin’ the streets, and he was hurt real bad an’ looked like he’d been attacked by a bigger dog.  this puppy, Harvey, got to go to HSGKC, too, to get extra attention.  like me, he met some real awesome humans who adopted him, too… and like me, he needs to have an “f-h-o” surgery, too, but he needs it on both sides.  Harvey is a 9 month old shepherd/cattle dog mix, btw.

me and Harvey have the bestest humans ever, ’cause they adopted us knowin’ we would need surgeries, and that didn’t scare ’em away… and my dad and Harvey’s parents are both first time doggy parents, so that makes them extra cool!  i wanted to talk ’bout me and Harvey and the surgeries we need ’cause HSGKC is raisin’ money to help pay for our surgeries!  how awesome is that?!?!


harvey’s loving his new home

Harvey is livin’ a great life with Kelley-Jean and Andrew.  He loves goin’ for walks, and his parents said “we really appreciate the Humane Society’s continued support of us and your helpfulness during this time. We were so lucky that we found Harvey and made him part of our family”.  he’s really loved, and so am i!  i live with my dad and a cat… she tolerates my presence, and i give her the space she wants.  i love my dad, a whole, whole lot.  he takes real good care of me, and if i’m kinda sore, he’ll carry me up and down a really long staircase to go potty (we live in an apartment on the top floor). i know we’re both lucky boys to end up livin’ great lives with awesome humans, and know that if it weren’t for HSGKC, we wouldn’t have the great lives we have… that’s what i wanted to tell ya ’bout.

if you wanna make a donation to HSGKC for me or Harvey, you can donate to somethin’ called “Gabriels Fund” in our name >

after we’ve had our surgeries, we’ll check back in and let ya know how we’re doin’!


Chloe (Adopted!)


Hi, my name is Chloe.  I’m a 2 year old Shepherd (I may have a little Husky, too) mix.  I came here ’cause the people who had me before had to move and couldn’t keep me.  Anyways, I’m glad I’m here ’cause I have a warm place to sleep at night, and a roommate, Willis, to curl up with at night… he’s a pretty cool lil dude, and I get lots and lots of attention from staff and volunteers.  Last Saturday, a volunteer named Ernie took me to my first obedience class at The Dogs’ Spot, which was a lot of fun (Willis went, too, with a different volunteer).  I did so well in class, I don’t have to go to Beginner’s Level again, I already moved up to Intermediate Level!  I heard Pete, one of the people who takes care of us, say I was “perfect”!  I went to The Kansas City Star last week, too, and was really, really good while having my picture taken!  I’m going to be featured as one of the 12 Strays of Christmas.  I hope that helps me find a forever home soon…

Speaking of forever homes, I’m going to my first Satellite Adoption Event this Saturday, Dec. 13, at a place called The Village at Mission Farms from 11-2 (you can find the details about where me and some of my doggy and kitty friends will be on  Willis is going, too, and told me Satellites are fun ’cause the dogs receive TONS of attention from people and lots of treats.  I’m excited to go, and want to go ahead and tell you about the kind of forever home I’d like in case you want to come out and meet me on Saturday.  I love having doggy friends, I’m good on a leash, I don’t jump fences, and I’m affectionate… sometimes new people make me a tiny bit nervous, but I warm up pretty fast if they have tasty treats.  I’m also house-trained, so I’d adjust to a new home pretty fast, I think.  I do need lots of brushing to keep my thick coat looking good and healthy, so that’s the only thing about me that might me “higher” maintenance.

Willis just told me it’s our turn to go run around in the yard!  Hopefully I’ll meet some really great people who want to adopt me on Saturday… and maybe Willis, too!  Bye!

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Just Sydney…(Adopted!)


hi everyone… uuhhmmm, i guess it’s time for me to check in and let ya know how i’m doin’ in my foster home.  i REALLY like Jessica, and stayin’ with her has been good… like better than i thought and not as scary.  she made me go on walks a lot tho, and at first i wouldn’t go further than the end of her driveway, but i finally got up enough courage to walk further, and started goin’ on longer walks everyday.  i really like her dogs, too, and have made friends with both of them.  after i started feelin’ better ’bout bein’ there, i started running in circles ’round the yard… Jessica likes that and tells me how cute i am when i run ’round.  she has made me meet new humans, tho, and that’s mostly okay, even tho i’m still not real sure ’bout most humans, at least they give me real yummy treats… and sometimes peanut butter (that’s my favorite).  someone made a video of me at Jessica’s house too… that camera was kinda scary but they told me they just wanted to show people how cute i am so i did my best to be brave. i got treats for that, too.

i had to stay with Christine for a while ’cause Jessica went on vacation (humans are busy)… i really wasn’t so sure ’bout stayin’ with Christine even tho i know who she is. Christine’s okay… i guess… as far as humans go. i like Jessica more… but Christine’s easier to train… tee hee… see she used to sit in my run with me and feed me almost every morning when i was at HSGKC, she made a big deal ’bout it so i went along with it ’cause i was hungry.  so, at her house at first i always had to go out in the fenced yard on a long leash so she could keep an eye on me, and i’d give her a hard time ’bout coming in the house.  but when it was raining one day, i got tangled in some bushes and she had to come out and get me with this funny thing she was holdin’ over her head (i think it’s called an uhm-breh-la) and that scared me, and she felt bad so she started letting me go out without the stupid long leash and she gets me to come in the house for her by showing me a yummy treat… so now i won’t come in unless she gives me a treat, and if she takes a step towards me, i let out a real pathetic whine so she feels bad and offers me a treat… tee hee!  i’ve got her number!

anyways, it’s not all bad at Christine’s house… like she takes us on walks almost everyday, and last week i started going to her so she could put my harness on… it took me ’bout 2 1/2 weeks before i quit runnin’ to my kennel and hiding even tho i like goin’ on walks.  i’ve overheard the humans talkin’ ’bout how far i’ve come since i first came in here, and that ’cause it didn’t take me too long to adjust to Christine’s house, it won’t be too hard for me when i go to a forever home… but i NEED to have other dogs in the home… see i like playin’ with them, and i trust them.  i love playin’ with Shelby and Phoebe (Christine’s dogs)… and Christine tells me how cute and happy i look wrestlin’ with Shelby and running around with Phoebe.

uuhhmm…. that’s all i got for now… i just wrote lots, and i wasn’t as scared this time… bye.

me and Shelby takin’ a nap after a long day of playing and having fun

me and Shelby takin’ a nap after a long day of playing and having fun

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Porter the Powerhouse


Hey humans what’s goin’ on? Btw, I’m workin’ on callin’ ya’ll “people” but it doesn’t “flow” for me when I’m bloggin’ just yet. Anyways, I’ve got more important stuff to talk about than proper names, like some new things I’m learnin’ to do.  So Pete has been wantin’ to do more for us dogs, to add some new fun activities to our days, and cuz he’s worked with dogs a LOT even before he started workin’ here he knows tons ’bout dogs.

Anyways, some Eagle Scouts built some agility equipment for us and I got to try it out a couple times last week… and I gotta tell ya, I’m AWESOME!!  I tried a couple things like a tunnel at The Dog’s Spot, but this new stuff is way cool, too!  Pete’s teachin’ Christine how to teach us dogs agility, so together we learned how to do a Dog Walk, an A-Frame, a Teeter-Totter, and my favorite is the hoop/tire jump.  I rock the jump and power right through the hoop and get real excited when I run and jump through it!  I heard Pete tellin’ Christine that Dooney‘s more “precise” than I am when he’s doin’ agility stuff, but he can’t bring the power like I can!  I know Hercules jumped through the hoop, too, but I think he’s jealous he’s not as good as me… hee hee (and cuz Christine’s spendin’ time with me)!

I wanted to talk about the agility stuff cuz our humans are workin’ on somethin’ soon to raise money to have a fence put up and a shed to store the equipment in (see, Willis, I know big words, too).  Our humans are always tryin’ to find new things for us to do to make our lives better while we’re waitin’ for our forever homes.  You gotta check me out in this video so you can see how boss I look!  You’d never know I lived on a chain my whole life before I came here… and who’d ever think a dog like me could do something like this, but, then again, I rock!

That’s all I got for now!  Peace out!



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Shine, the Gentleman Enforcer (Adopted!)


Hey humans, how’s everybody doin?  I’m doin’ fine, just chillin’ and keepin’ an eye on all the new dogs and the goings on both in our kennel and with our humans.  We’ve had lots of dogs and puppies go to their forever homes since the last time I blogged (like Aster, Grizzly, Copper, Robert, and lots of others, but I don’t know all their names) so now there are lots of new dogs here.  I like seein’ how the new dogs adapt to life here, and checkin’ out who likes who, who gets a new roommate, and just observing… with all the young pups here someone’s gotta keep an eye on ’em and make sure they’re behaving.  Nemo got a new roommate named Radar the other day and so he isn’t in the kennel right next to me anymore (which is fine with me, he’s a nice little dude but some days he’d just get on my last nerve).  It’s fun watchin’ Nemo and Radar play together.  And of course Dakota and Denver are cute and fun to watch, too, but that’s as close as I wanna be to puppies, I prefer to be entertained watchin’ them from afar.  All that young pup energy is too much for a “senior” dog like me.  I guess I’m considered a senior now ’cause I’m about 8 years old, but I’m not too old to enjoy short walks and I love goin’ out in the yard and rolling ’round in the grass when I get hot, then gettin’ in the kiddy pool to cool off for a bit… which feels great.

Anyways, our humans are gettin’ ready for another big event and fundraiser called Art Unleashed.  You can still buy tickets if you wanna go and I’ve heard it’s fun for humans, and whatever money they raise goes back to our shelter to help take care of us while we’re waiting for our forever homes.  So, you should go ’cause it helps our humans take care of us.

I’m gonna go for now, just wanted to check in and remind you humans about Art Unleashed. Click here to find our more about Art Unleashed and to purchase tickets >

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